Healing Stories from Cancer Survivors

Breast Cancer Survivor
I want to tell you that Susan’s book, “Ha, I Laugh in the Face of Cancer” was like “AIR” to me.

Dear Reader,

I helped this Cancer Survivor with her English in writing her story, so that you can easily understand. She has respectfully requested to remain anonymous for personal reasons, but if you wish to speak with her to learn more about her story, you can do so by contacting me at susan@hailaughinthefaceofcancer.com. Thank you, Susan Liberty Hall

I was diagnosed with aggressive breast Cancer, Stage between 2 and 3 in April 2011 in Israel. My purpose is to help other people so that they, too, can overcome Cancer. I am from Russia and moved to Israel in 1990. I have asked Susan to help me with translation into English, as I do not understand or speak English very well.

While still living in Israel, I had a double Mastectomy, followed by Chemotherapy, and then Radiation. I had 9 or 10 treatments of Chemo, and could not continue due to the side affect that I had, called Neurophatia. I knew that the Cancer would come back, and I wanted to go forward with more treatments, but the nurse would not. She said that if I continued, I could end up in a wheel chair permanently. I got disability 100%, and I could not work.

I moved to Phoenix in April 2012. In January 2014, I went to visit my son in Germany and my sister in Israel. After Oncology, blood tests, and Ultra Sound I did in February and March 2014, I was told that I was Cancer free. I wanted to fly back to Phoenix, but in April 5-7, I discovered a tumor and went to a doctor in Israel.

After more tests, I was told that I had Cancer again, and I urgently needed surgery, Chemo and Radiation (classical protocol for this kind of Cancer and because I have gene BRCI1). After consilium doctor cancelled my Chemo and asked me if I could go to United States to get more gentle Chemo (Bio if I remember right). In Israel at this time, it wasn’t that kind of Chemo.

I did surgery there and 12 Radiation treatments instead of the 27 needed, and flew back to Phoenix. My doctor in Israel very seriously explained to me that 12 Radiation treatments were not enough to kill Cancer. I was sure that I could complete my treatment in Phoenix, but it did not happen. Then, I thought how unfortunate it was that I did not have insurance, but today, I understand it was my blessing.

Because I didn’t have insurance, I started to be interested in alternative remedies. In March 2015, I had discovered Natural Remedy Health Expo called “Integrated Health International,” and this event was being held in San Diego. I felt very compelled to go. I did not have a car, and it was very difficult to make arrangements, but somehow I did, and so I went.

During the Expo there were many Speakers, at least 12, that spoke about Natural Healing of Cancer. I went to every one of them. Some of them, I almost could not understand at all, some of them I understood just a little with my English.

However, when I went to hear Susan Liberty Hall speak about her book, “Ha, I laugh in the face of Cancer,” I was shocked that I could understand almost every word that she spoke. It seemed to me that she spoke in Russian, and yet I knew that could not be true. I followed her back to her booth to purchase her book. When she autographed my book, I explained to her that I could understand almost every word.

At that time, she stopped writing and looked deep into my eyes. She asked if she could help me with my “Two Feathers” Healing Formula Protocol, and I was so happy that she would help me. She helped me to purchase my first jar of Two Feathers, and showed me how to follow the instructions that came with the Formula.

Then, she asked me for my phone number, and she offered to speak to me and make sure that I understood everything. I gave her my phone number, and she recognized that it was a Phoenix number, and she also lives in Phoenix. It seemed like an amazing coincidence to me.

She told me that she realized that she had a “Divine Appointment” with me, and had realized that when I told her that I thought that she was speaking Russian at her speaking engagement. She thought that God and Angels had given me the understanding of my own language, Russian. When she realized that I also lived in Phoenix, she smiled, and told me that she would drive me to my first Amas blood test (see Susan’s book to learn about the Amas blood test), since I do not have a car.

When Susan picked me up to drive me to the Amas blood test, there was one more miracle that would happen to me. When I got into Susan’s car, I recognized something, I did not really understand, but I got into my back pack, and pulled out an “Angel” book that had been my comfort for many years, and it was torn and tattered by years of reading it. It was written in Russian, but when Susan saw it, she recognized that she had the same book, by the same Author!

Yes, I can see that she was correct. We did have a “Divine Appointment” and she felt that God had sent me to her to be healed. Susan has been with me every step of the way to my recovery.

I had been on the “Two Feathers” Formula only for a few days when Susan took me to get my first Amas blood test. I asked her, do you think I still have Cancer? She said, “I think it is important that we know for sure, and that is why I want you to have the Amas blood test right now.

Three days later, I received the test score. (click here to see my Amas blood tests, 1 of 3, and look at “Net Tag” Number). The test taken on April 15, 2015 was “432,” considered to be very high, and was definitely “Elevated,” and it meant that I had a great deal of Cancer in my body.

The Amas blood test goes from 0-700. Anything over 134 is Cancer. My score of 432 was very alarming to me, and I was so afraid. Susan told me, “There is no reason to be afraid. You have “Two Feathers” Healing Formula, and you have me. God and the Angels have moved Heaven and Earth to bring us together. First from Russia to Israel, then from Israel to Phoenix, then from Phoenix to San Diego, and at the exact, precise moment that we could meet! He will not abandon you now, please have Faith.” I listened to her, and I think that my story is a Miracle, and I wanted to share it with all of you, and that is just the beginning.

The second Amas blood test that I had was on August 7, 2015, and my score was “73,” down from “432,” and indicated that I was “Cancer Free”!!! In less than 4 months, I was Cancer free! It is a miracle, and it is a miracle that anyone who finds Susan’s book, and “Two Feathers” Healing Formula can also have! Susan believes that every person who finds her book and “Two Feathers” has been sent by God and Angels for her to help, and she will help you, I am proof of that.

The third Amas blood test that I had was on January 20, 2016, and my score this time was “6”!!! There is no doubt, I was Cancer free and I know that I can always be Cancer free with “Two Feathers.” I did not use insurance, because I did not have any. Now, I think it was a blessing, or I might have been duped into trying Chemo and Radiation again. In my case, it is certainly a blessing.

I took “Two Feathers” internally, and followed the protocol for about 4 months. In total, I used 7 Jars from April 2015 to January 2016. It was not too expensive, and almost anyone can afford it.

I want to tell you that Susan’s book, “Ha, I Laugh in the Face of Cancer” was like “AIR” to me. I understood almost every word in the book, even though I cannot read or understand other books well in English. When I read Susan’s Testimony, and her story, it comforted me. I hope that everyone who has Cancer will find her book and read it.

Please be sure to purchase her book, because she has told me that so many people find her story on the Internet, and her many radio shows, and they receive the information to save their lives, and then go to purchases “Two Feathers” without purchasing her book. It is important to support Susan’s work, so that she can have it published in many languages and for the World. She already has it translated into Japanese, Swedish, German, and Spanish. She just needs to get the funds to make it available to all. I hope you will support her work.

I offer my testimony for all of you, so that you may also overcome the terrible grief and death of Cancer.

Thank you.

I know the difficult choices that you face, because I have been there too. Please read my book and consider the very real hope there is for you… hope that you can earn your Victory!

What Readers are Saying

Thank you Susan for sharing your powerful experience! If not for real-life experiences like yours many would not know that you can be in control of your health! Thank you Thank you Thank you! God Bless you for sharing your story! Always Victory, right! 5 months and 18 Tumors expelled from body Naturally — is a testament to what God can do when we listen! Reading this book lets us know we are not alone!
I want to tell you how Susan's book, "Ha, I laugh in the face of Cancer" has helped me. When I had breast Cancer, I got a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation; and after two years I found out that I got Cancer again. I read Susan's book and it inspired me and it showed me step by step how to achieve the same results as she did, to be Cancer free. After 3 months of using "Two Feathers Healing Formula", I am now Cancer Free, and I have my Amas blood test to prove it! There is so much hope for you too, to overcome Cancer.
I was fortunate to walk with Susan through her healing journey. It was amazing to see quarter sized tumors leaving Susan's body through the surface of her skin. Using all natural remedies to heal cancer can be accomplished in many cases, if you follow Susan Hall's protocol that she shares with you in her book. I highly recommend, "Ha, I Laugh in the Face of Cancer", to anyone who chooses to opt for the natural route to regain their health who is challenged with cancer.
The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that 1 out of every 3 females and 2 out of every 3 males will have cancer by 2020. Thank God that Susan Liberty Hall's book is available for those who are searching for an inexpensive and non-invasive alternative. The book is easy to read and provides documented proof of Susan's personal experience in overcoming cancer without the recommended chemo, radiation, and surgery. A personal friend of my spouse, Badeish S. of Oregon, purchased the book, followed the recommendations therein, and was cancer free in several weeks without undergoing invasive medical treatment! Ha, I Laugh in the Face of Cancer is a Godsend book that is highly recommended!
Thank you to Susan for being brave enough to write about your journey and a big thank you to Robert....may the Lord continue to pour blessings of protection on you and may many other lives be saved!!! Due to many lifestyle changes, organic foods, hoxsey tonic and other natural treatments (diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in October 2015) I have added two feathers to my protocol and found out a few weeks (March 2016) ago that I am cancer free...hallelujah!!! Praise the Lord!!!
I love alternative methods of healing and staying far away from pharmaceuticals. This book is a great testimony that there are ways to cure cancer without destroying the rest of your body.
A pure-hearted story on Susan's experience with cancer. She shares pertinent information, to help YOU SAVE your own life. Everyone who knows anyone with cancer, should share book. Many blessing`
I really enjoyed this true story of a very humble and loving lady sharing her account on how she cured herself of cancer…very inspiring, humbling and heartfelt. I recommend this book to everyone not only healthy, but also,to the one with fighting cancer and chronic disease.
What a breath of fresh air. Who would have thought that curing cancer could be so simple. I truly believe that God has raised Susan Hall to bring hope to those suffering with cancer. This book shows you that you do not need to be afraid. There is hope, there is healing, and there is victory. If you are suffering with cancer, if you are scared, then this is truly a God send to you. Thank you Susan Hall for being obedient to God's calling in your life and for showing us cancer is not a death sentence, but a disease for which there is an actual cure.
Susan Hall is the most amazing woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing- her journey of healing herself from cancer is something all people diagnosed with cancer should have access to, seeing how it is possible to beat cancer with an affordable and healthy alternative to chemo/radiation. This is an astounding book.

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